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    Have a chat with her
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Have another informal chat with her. First let her know how much you appreciate her help and experience in your classroom.

    Then be honest. Tell her that because this is a newer experience for you that although she has some great ideas you really want to try things out for the first part of the year anyway just to see how the children respond and to begin to develop your own teaching style. Then let her know that while she has had some great ideas, when she questions what you are doing it has made it more difficult for you to develop your classroom in your style.

    Tell her that you will be sure to ask her for advice if you are not sure about how to set up a new center or other ideas that you are sure she'd be able to help you with.

    Then for the next 3-4 months - be sure to ask her at least once a week or twice a month little things so that she does feel that you want her help and are not simply ignoring her. It is difficult when you have experience and you've seen things run by someone else not to step in and say exactly what she's said. She probably is trying to be helpful and you don't want to get to a point where she is hurt and then you are both uncomfortable working.

    And perhaps even ask her to set up and run a few centers, etc., so that she does feel you respect her methods as well.

    If she continues with the advice and doesn't listen to your request, then each time politely thank her for her idea and then just say you prefer to do it this way.

    If it gets a bit too much - talk to your Principal. Not everyone works together well and he or she may need to step in before things get worse.

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