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    10 Extra Credit Ideas.....
    By Janine

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    I have taught 6, 7th, and 8th. Here are some ideas:

    1- Current Events Article- I allow my students to turn in 1 extra credit current event article per quarter. I use the Report form from a very creative teacher at : (Or try They have to attach the article to the form. I have a rubric for grading the assignments.

    2 - Get the book: 180 Creative Ideas for Getting Students Involved , Engaged, and Excited. There are some fun things for kids to do.

    3- Genre Study- We do a genre study throughout the year. I allow the kids to do an extra project to go with the current genre we are studying. For example, Mystery: Select a picture from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick and type a mystery to go along with it.

    4- Read an independent novel and create a book report (cereal box, story board, etc)

    5- Write a business letter to a food or candy company requesting samples for your class. Or you could have them write to authors, athletes, etc.

    6- Artifact Box - Have the students find a small/medium box. Fill the inside with objects or artifacts that represent a country of thier choice. I have some already made for examples to explain the assignment. The kids have to guess the country. World Market (Cost Plus) is a good place to buy artifacts.

    7- Postcard Exchange- Join a postcard exchange. Have students illustrate pre-cut tag board to represent your city and/or state. They will also write a letter on the other side explaining your area. (Be sure to chceck with the postoffice on size requirements for postcards.)

    8- Family Tree - Have students research thier family and create a family tree.

    9- Write a children's picture book about a topic you study and read it to smaller students or siblings.

    10- Have a sheet filled with boxes of extra credit possibilites for them. Have all the materials in envelopes and attach to a science fair board along with the sheet. THe kids can select a project of their choice.

    Good Luck and Have a great Year!!!!

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