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    Every Sentence Rings with Truth
    By GM

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    Cathy-Dee, once again, expressed my thoughts. I'm in total agreement with what she said - every word, every sentence.

    I just wanted to elaborate on one point: What good teachers do . . .

    They are fair
    They are consistent
    They follow through

    It sounds as though you are doing all 3! So, chin up! Don't waste another minute reflecting on that mother's words. She is full of hot air. She, like so many adults, want to point the finger of blame on someone else (little wonder their children do the same).

    Teachers have been and will always be targeted by "some" parents as the source of their children's problems (gee, isn't it easier to live with oneself if you can blame others for your hardships). Start nurturing a hard shell as Cathy-Dee suggested. You have to have one in order to gleen happiness from teaching. I speak from firsthand experience. I get much more joy from teaching these days because I "usually" focus on what I do well, not focus on others' opinions of me; I also try to remind myself that those who appoint themselves as my judge don't always have ALL the facts. So how can they sit in judgment of me? I reflect on what they say, make adjustments if I deem them necessary, and drop the incident or comment like I would an atomic bomb. Oh, I do pick up the bomb once in a while, but then I remember to drop it again.

    Don't allow others to take away your joy. I realize that this statment is easy to say, but not easy to do. Most of us have been conditioned since childhood to beat ourselves up emotionally. I have found with lots of practice, we can unlearn things as well. Thank God that is part of the human condition too!

    With practice, you can learn to listen to parent complaints, reflect on them, learn from them, and then let it go. We have a choice whether to entertain all those negative thoughts over and over again. Choose to let it go. I'm still working on this myself.

    This will pass. Sorry you have to go through this. GM

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