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    talk, talk, talk
    By IBC

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    When I read your message I laughed out loud because I could have written the very exact thing.
    I have tried some of the strategies that you mention and so far nothing has worked for me either. I even had them copy the rules for a second time with each student making a personal comment as to why the rule (in this case listening) was important to them as a student and take them home for a parent's signature. In my weekly letter I mentioned the disrespect I am getting. I consider talking when I am talking very disrespectful. I am about to make some changes in the classroom. The first thing that I will do is make sure they are doing something every minute they are in class. I am making somewhat individual "when I am finished with my assignment" booklets with extra math problems, some mazes, coloring pages with our theme tied in, word searches, brain teasers, and writing prompts. I think I have been a part of the problem because I have not been able to time my lessons to the overall class'ability. I either think it will take longer than it does or it takes so long my schedule is completely thrown off. I am also working on some individual behavior contracts (Lee Canter), and I also plan to give the entire class a weekly goal of earning 40 points (increasing hopefully ) this week by Thursday afternoon to win extra recess time on Friday. The class can earn points by coming into the class as I have instructed time and time again, being on task, getting material out in a minute or less, etc. However, the class can lose points if either the class or an individual causes me to stop to correct a behavior and lose time away from my teaching. Lastly, I am only allowing those who work in a quiet manner ( I am trying to adjust my tolerance level to go up some)
    to use the computers or any other of the things I bring to the class for enrichment activities, i.e. stickee story boards, drawing books, books on tape, etc. This is my first year too and I am sooo glad to know that my class is not the only one doing this. Take care and good luck

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