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    Spelling contract
    By Diane

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    Here is a copy of my Spelling contract. All my students seem to love it. I always put one required activity on there, such as a workbook page. They get to choose 3 other activities to complete.

    Name __________________________
    Spelling Contract

    After you complete the 4 activities; staple them together and turn in to the homework box on Friday morning. No late Spelling contracts will be accepted.

    Required activity for the week ____________________________________
    Place an X by the 3 activities you are choosing to complete.

    ______ Type your spelling words and print them.
    ____ Write your words in 3 different colors.
    ____ Write your words in reverse ABC order.
    ____ Take a pretest from an adult.
    ____ Use all your words to write a letter to Superman or another super hero.
    ____ Make flashcards to study your words.
    ____ Design a bookmark and write your list of words on the bookmark.
    ____ Make a word search.
    ____ Write your words in shapes. Put all the shapes together to make a picture.
    ____ Make a crossword puzzle using all your words. Be sure to include clues.
    ____ Scramble your words and have another person solve.
    ____ Write the alphabet on a piece of paper. Under A, write $1.00, under B,
    write $2.00, and so on. Figure up the dollar amount of each of your words.
    _____ Cut letters out of magazines and newspapers to spell your words.
    ____ Draw a picture of 15 of your words. Label your pictures.
    ____ Look at your words. Arrange the letters of each word in alphabetical order.
    For example, the word is broken. b e k n o r
    ____ Write a poem using your words.
    ____ Classify the words according to the parts of speech.
    ____ Make up a rap or song using all your words. Perform it for the class!
    ____ Make up a code. Write your words in your code and give it to another person
    to solve.
    ____ Write sentences with your words.
    ____ Sandpaper words. See me to get the sandpaper.
    ____ Define 15 of your words.
    ____ Pick 15 of your words and tell what language they originated from. You
    should be able to find this in the dictionary.
    ____ Pick 15 words. Use a Thesaurus to list other words for your spelling words.
    ____ Write your words 3 times each.

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