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    We don't use a book, what I do is I take words from what we are learning in school, words I think they should know how to spell and what they mean, and words I see misspelled on homework and tests. Then I give a spelling/vocab test. The spelling words for that week are also their vocab. words. I don't say the word and have them spell for the test. Here is a sample of what my test my look like, if the word was adjective, I might put

    1)A word describing a noun.
    The clues are at the bottom of the paper. Above is a number and a line. They have to read the meaning of the word and then write the word on the correct line. I do not put word banks. Spelling and the right meaning both count for points! Usually 1 point for each (Example, if on line one they put verb and the answer was really adjective, they would get 1 point taken off because they put the wrong word on the blank, but they spelt the word verb write! if they put ferb instead of verb and the real word was adjective, they get 2 points off. I give one assigment a week for spelling. I give it on Mondays, and have it due on Tuesdays. First they copy the words and the meanings into their notebook and then I give an assignment. The assignment could be to make a word search, to write a story, to write sentences using the words, to write the words and meanings a certain number of times, flashcards, worksheet, etc. The students are responsible for bringing their notebook home and studying. I am known to give a pop spelling/vocab. test during the week sometimes. It could be any day throughout the week. Whoever gets 100% doesn't have to take the test on Friday. It helps me to see who has been studying the words! I give 15-30 words per week. If they miss a certain amount on the pre-test, those students receive an extra assigment to complete to help them do better on the real test. Every week I randomly throw in 1-3 words that we had in previous weeks (They don't know what words I am going to use) and that will also be on the test. I expect them to remember how to spell and the meaning of all of the words covered.

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