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    Thanks, Lori
    By Nancy

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    I'm sorry to say it seems to be like this in all districts. I don't think anything will change, and unfortunately, I believe it will get worse until teachers begin to say NO as a group. At this point, there is so much paperwork and "busy" work being done to CYA that we have little time to teach and create useful and effective lessons. I've been teaching for 11 years, it is my second career. In the past year, I have seriously considered getting out of teaching all together because I believe this will only get worse. I was in the business world for 17 years prior to this, and believe me, it can be worse, but at least there is time allotted to do reports, etc. If a large category is added to the job description, it is, in fact, physically added to your job description in the Personnel Department. This does not happen in teaching. In teaching, we're expected to do all the paperwork, i.e. grading papers, etc., along with reports, parental contact (that is also increasing), and so many other things....all of which needs to be done while having 25 children in the classroom who need to be taught. I was never a union person but am beginning to think it may be coming to a time again where we desperately need to regroup and begin to protect ourselves from this constant onslaught. My principal, luckily, is a very supportive and caring individual. She is very aware of the added work and does all sorts of creative things to help us handle the new challenges and added tasks. Unfortunately, she is retiring at the end of this school year, mostly because of the constant build up of problems schools are facing each year. Good luck...I hope everything calms down. I know that the beginning of the school year is always a time of stress and new things added on the already ridiculous expectations are trying, to say the least. We will all survive, however, if we remember that the ONLY important thing is the children. If paperwork doesn't get done, then so be it. Children need to be educated. If the administration wants the paperwork done, they can pitch in and help. Invite the Superintendant to visit your classroom daily for a week. Ask her/him to come in and observe you all day, every day, for at least five days in a row. Let me know if he/she takes you up on that.

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