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    So sorry to hear that...
    By JobHunter

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    Yes, the main teachers and their assistants stay in the room while I teach, too. And, yes, I would be very annoyed if they were to just "butt in" during my lessons. I would mention it to the teachers directly by saying, "I know that during art is your planning time, so you often need to be in the room. But please, feel free to use it as your planning time - your "check out & take a break time." During art, I'm the teacher and you have nothing to worry about." Something along these lines makes it sound like you're looking out for them. If this didn't work, I would go directly to the principal and simply explain that you're not being treated like the professional that you are. During art, you are the teacher and the role needs to be respected by the students. When the regular teacher interrupts you, it undermines that role.

    And - let's put it this way - I'm trying really hard to be positive about the cart experience. The whole messy project business is frustrating me too. I did order 30 letter sized plastic stacking trays that sit on my cart. For now, I'm keeping all "messy" painting and gluing projects to letter-sized and under. When working from a cart, there's not much more you can do!

    I try to think of the positive things about the job. We get to be the teacher all the students like because our lessons are fun! We also don't have to give the ITBS and other standardized tests!!!

    Grading at my school is on a 4 point scale:
    1- beginning ability
    2- developing ability
    3- secure ability
    4- exemplary

    I have a real ethical dilemma with grading students on artistic ability (remember, I'm teaching K-8) and I was upfront about this in my interview. I've heard from the powers that be that "4"s shouldn't be awarded too often. But I'm grading on whether or not the students participated, followed directions, and attempted the new techniques. Consequently, I believe students earn a lot of "4"s. Do you think I'm "right" in feeling this way? Or should I be grading more on artistic merit/talent? I'm of the opinion that art should be a "safe" place to explore and I think too harsh of a grading system would destroy that... I'd really appreciate your professional opinion.

    To be perfectly honest, I'm thinking about returning to professional design work next year... don't know yet!!!

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