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    Sub Advice
    By AW

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    Hi Kate - A few helpful hints for subbing

    1. Get to the classroom at least 20 - 25 minutes early to get yourself aquainted with the schedule and what you will be asked to teach. Find the sub folder and locate the teaching materials before the students get there.

    2. You can bring extra "lesson plans" but this becomes difficult if you are getting calls for every different grade. When I have time to fill I do things like spelling bees, or math relay games, or I write a word on the board like halloween and see who can find the most words or I do the opposite I give them a bunch of letters and see who can make the most words and find the "secret" word that uses all the letters. Give out small treats for those who work hard.

    3. Know the way out for fire drills and keep a class roster with you at all times. I usually ask a student early in the morning where we go because those maps on the back of the classroom door can be confusing if you dont know the layout of the school. Also - a lot of school are 2 or 3 stories and it can be chaotic during a fire drill.

    4. I said this before but this is important - I carry a clip board with me EVERYWHERE that has the class roster. It makes the students more aware of the fact that you are in charge and have their names right there!

    5. Realize that bad days are going to happen. Students will test you and the best thing I've learned to do is just be honest - Tell students right away what you expect and let them know that they will be the ones to have to "face" their teacher tomorrow if I leave a bad report. Be strict but respectful. (I use this word a lot expecially with inner city schools - I reward good behavior with small treats and keep a running list of bad behavior for the teacher to address when she returns. (I use to get all hung up on making all the kids be good and well behaved with lectures and what not -- forget it - dont waste your time.

    6. Be sure to ask if recess is OK. If it is then I make them earn it (but in a fun way) - like earning a letter in the word outside for doing what is expected, etc...

    Good luck feel free to post again if you have more questions.

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