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    Silent speedball
    By Susan

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    I have played this game with Grade One's and Grade 5's. I was covering a the One's for another teacher and when she returned to the room, she was flabbergasted that they were so quiet and orderly!

    The way I play it is that I get a soft, sponge ball. Explain to the kids that the object of the game is to throw the ball to one another in no particular pattern. The challenges are: if you talk, you are out; if you make an uncatchable throw, you're out; if you don't catch a good throw, you're out. We talked about the importance of making eye contact with the person you are throwing to and using other signals (nods, pointing, etc.) to communicate.

    With the Grade One's I didn't add the rules about "good" throws and catches - keeping quiet was enough of a challenge for them!

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