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    calling parents
    By fiona

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    Calling parents weekly, to me seems like a huge investment of time for both the teacher and parents that is unecessary and serves more as Public Relations than good teaching. I think parent communication is important but has been overemphasized to the point where some poaretns have been conditioned/allowed to think they should have daily communication and full access to teachers via e-mail, notes and dropping in.A teacher who calls each parent every week may be on the grapevine of parents as "wonderful" but is not necessarily teaching better. Parent communication is one aspect of our very complicated jobs and should not be overemphasixed any more than any other aspect of our profession. I know I sound icky, but this topic clearly has me on edge- I have seen this done and it seems to primarily serve the teacher, not the child or parent in any effective way with kids who are doing fine- troubled situiations are entirely different.

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