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    cowboy idea
    By Bev

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    Last year on the first day of school, we played a game I called "HOWDY". It was sort of like BINGO, except I had the letters in the word "HOWDY" printed at the top of each column. According to the number of students in your class run off a game board (on paper) for each student with a square for each child's name. Students go to each student to have them sign their first name in a square--it should be a different square each time. Then the caller randomly calls out different student's names for players to cover on their game board. When they Bingo, they say "Howdy" instead. You decide whether the students cover rows, columns, or diagonally. Also, don't worry if you don't have enough students for the squares to come out evenly. Just give them "free spaces". They like that! We started out the year with a cowboy theme in third grade and this was a great icebreaker!

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