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    safe classroom
    By Susan

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    I make sure my students know that the classroom is a place where they are safe. This goes from physical safety to mental safety. My students learn quickly that there is no such thing as a "dumb" question or a "dumb" answer. They may not always be correct, but we examine where the thinking is coming from. I put a stop to bullying students without any problems. I let my students know that we are a family. We may get mad at each other, but we do not hit, scream or cuss. Some students do not know what normal family behavior looks like. This may have to be modeled for them over and over.

    My students help develop the class rules, with teacher guidance ay not want to even think about school, it may be helpful for you to drop in and see the students as often as possible. This will help in the transition of teachers.

    Another thought is to enjoy your students. I love teaching students who have special needs.

    Good luck!

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