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    By altateach

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    Maybe things are different where I am in Canada. In my daughter's school where I have taught on contract and a sub they pay parents(!!!) to do supervision. A teacher is always on outdoor with parents.

    In the city where I sub there seems to be one of 2 things. There is rarely a lunch room for students and in that case unless you are specifically on supervision you don't eat there. Most of my schools have grade 6 monitors that come after the bell to watch the class. I never leave before they arrive. I am then free to do as I plse unless I have outdoor/indoor hall supervision.

    Personally I take every opportunity to eat in the staff lounge. Wisdom I go by matter what...never bathmouth a child, parent or teacher! To me that is common sense but many schools I've been in this happens!!! I also make sure I am friendly and usually carry marking with me. It can't hurt to be seen as friendly and you never know who you might meet!

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