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    skipping a grade
    By Cheryl

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    A few years ago I had an eighth grade student that was so smart that he could have taught the entire class; however his parents chose not to let him skip the grade. It was the best thing they could have done for him. Although he wasn't challenged as much academically, we teachers saw him mature socially, especially with the girls. He became our student body president, and his leadership skills became very evident. This young man just graduated from high school. He was first in his class. He had an enjoyable high school experience. The year he spent in 8th grade helped him to have to social and emotional skills to embrace high school without intimidation. If you were my child, I say stay in the eighth grade. You will become a responsible adult soon enough. Enjoy your youth. Enjoy your friends. Don't rush to adulthood because then you're going to have to pay all the bills and take on the responsibilities that we all have. Enjoy where you are at this time. Don't push for something you don't really need.

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