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    By Betsy

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    While this is my first year as a SPED teacher, I have usually had a minimum of three resource students in my room each year. Not sure if this what you are looking for, but I think I am going to try this in my resource room - it worked in my classroom of 25 students. Hoping it works for my 12 resource students.
    I used a notebook/binder and put in dividers or tags with each child's name. I would carry labels with me or have some at each table/station in the room. As I noted things such as - has trouble decoding, needs to work on long vowel rule, trouble writing complete sentence with details. I would write the date on there and at the end of the day (or whenever time allowed), I would go back through and stick the labels on the page with the child's name. It would allow me to add more detail if needed or keep it short and to the point. Sticky notes also work, but the labels stay in the notebook better. Good luck!

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