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    Latitude and Longitude
    By JohnV

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    If I remember correctly my suggestion was to have the children use the chalk to lay out a grid on your parking lot or paved playground. Make a zero line North to South (Prime Meridian) and a zero line East to West (the Equator), then make other grid lines and label them in degrees North and South of the Equator and East and West of the Prime Meridian. Allow the students to compare these lines to the lines on a map and on a globe.

    Make "X" marks at various points on your grid. Label some of them with numbers and others of them with letters. Give the students a list of coordinates in Latitude and Longitude to find the letters in order. You can even set it up so that the students don't use all of the letters, but if they find the correct ones in the right order they spell a word. For the numbers have them find the numbers and then write down the coordinates of them.

    I hope this is the same thing I told you before.


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