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    dyslexia and learning disabilities
    By sp.ed

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    The way I understand it is that dyslexia is one type of learning disability. It is a disability in the language learning area. A person might have a language, math-based, or written language disability or any combination of these.
    ived resource help since 3rd grade. Although I think he's dyslexic, his IEP doesn't refer to dyslexia. I'm pursuing testing by a private psychologist in the hope it will help us understand his needs better as we move through school. LD is a large umbrella to support special needs kids. Dyslexia would fall under this umbrella but they're not the same. In my town, the school department's psychological testing doesn't delve deep enough to label a child as dyslexic. Has this mom had it confirmed that her child has dyslexia or is she "guessing?" In any case the IEP should refer to the child's needs and how she needs to be serviced. My son's IEP really does service him where he needs help. Most important dyslexic students needs extra time and maybe extra help getting words on paper and patience for incorrect spelling. Good luck.

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