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    By Avery

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    I grew up 10 miles from TX. We were taught that saying yes m'am, no, sir is just the way it is. Most people speak that way and are very polite. It doesn't matter what age you are and to whom you are speaking to. I have now lived in NY for 19 years. WOW what a difference!! People don't wave to each other when they pass them on the street. - God help you if you do!! You'll just get flipped off. I was very surprised when I moved here. We always waved to every car we passed at home. I have not figured out why some parents think their kids are being fresh if they say yes, m'am, no, sir. Where was the break down? I will be teaching my students to use yes m'am, sir this year. I will encourage the parents to continue it at home and let them know it is being used as a form of respect hopefully. We'll see. In my opinion, everyone could be a little more polite to each other. Maybe this is how it can start??

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