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    Teacher's Garage Sale
    By Aileen

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    I have bought a few things from there. I purchased a mailbox super book and a dictionary skills book for $25 plus postage, both are in excellent shape. I purchased a set of 20 fairytale books for $16 with the postage. These books are a little worn, but useable. I feel like I have gotten a fair deal each time. I paid with a personal check. The items are generally shipped after payment is received.
    To sign up, go to y*a*h*o*o groups. (no asterisks) It generates about 5 e-mails each day. I suggest setting up a yahoo e-mail account just for this. Then you check the e-mail for listings of what's for sale. You can then e-mail the person directly with a bid on an item. In some cases, there is no bidding and whoever responds first gets the item.
    The draw backs are the number of e-mails generated and then you have to read through a long list. In my opinion there is a great deal of preK--2 materials. I teach third, so I am not interested in those materials.

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