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    The Essential 55
    By Chicago Teacher

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    The hot new management book these days that I keep hearing about is The Essential 55. I think the author's name is Ron Clark. The book includes his 55 class "rules" that include common classroom rules and also respect-related rules (Look at someone when they are talking to you, etc.) and others. I haven't read the book, but know a few teachers who have ordered it. I saw Mr. Clark on Oprah talking about the book. He's a fairly young teacher who teaches I believe in an urban public school setting in NYC and he won Disney's Teacher of the Year award. As an inner-city teacher, I was seriously talking to the TV when he was talking about some of the rules, because they were all things that I also found myself teaching my students daily that were never itemized on to a rules board, and seem like things that kids should already know, but a lot don't. Anyway, I would recommend it because it may give you some management ideas, and also some insight into those "hidden rules" that you end up enforcing in the classroom while you help children interact and develop respectful habits.

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