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    Federal Career to Teaching
    By Paul

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    I read all the messages and replies. I worked in the Defense Dept. as a Chinese linguist out of college for 7 years. All my former intelligence friends are doing very well $$$ wise, but my spirit and soul were drained back in D.C. working for the federal goverment. I teach special education. 6 years in Illinois at the high school and junior high level, and now near the start of my 2nd year in rural red-neck Florida to take care of aging family members. I can identify with all the hardships in switching to a teaching career might entail. I have bought my own textbooks, supplies, etc. Put up with a lot of frustrations and joys being a special ed. teacher. The bottom line is this. I have several former high school students who made it. Some were in special classes, only LD resource for reading and math, but making it in blue collar jobs. Several of my former homeroom regular education students are doing very well in the military and two as teachers now. If you only make a difference in the life of ONE student, you made a difference. Remember, we have summers off! Paul in Florida

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