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    skipping a grade
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Hi Mary,

    It does happen from time to time but I do think it is not as popular as perhaps in the past. In today's classroom we have such ranges of abilities that good teachers should be able to challenge those high students as well as the low ones.

    Academically your student should do fine as most kids I've seen who have skipped grades do fine with the academics. Like the others have said, it's often in the social context that they have more difficulty. And quite often this doesn't show up until their high school years.

    There are some who do fine with skipping a grade and others who do not and I don't think it's easy to tell who will do fine and who won't.

    I always voice my concerns as you did and usually the decision still goes for the skipping of the grade. So I have learned to just let it go as long as I've voiced my concerns. This way they can never come back and say but no one told us.

    In the past 10 years that I've taught, I have come across or been involved with 4 students who have skipped a grade.

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