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    By heidi

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    I teach in Montana, right next to the Gates of the Mountains, so Lewis and Clark is a big part of our school year. There are several books that do a great job of letting the kids experience what being an explorer during that time was like. One of them is called Lewis and Clark for Kids by Janis Herbert. It has all sorts of history and activities for the kids to do. Another one is called: The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Harold Torrance. It is distrubuted by TS Denison.
    My students really enjoyed setting up Tipi's and pretending to by native americans. We did our Lewis and Clark lessons and then followed them with our Native American unit. They got to live in the tipi's instead of their desks for a week. It was lots of fun, and more meaningful than a bunch of worksheets.
    Another thing we did was go out and find a bunch of plant specimens. We then went back to the classroom and tried to identify them, somewhat similar to what Lewis did on the trip. The ones that we couldn't identify, the kids got to make up new names for.
    Let me know if you need any more idea!

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