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    Michigan Subbing Requirements
    By mmw

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    Officially, it's an easy process. You can do it one of two ways.
    If you just want to work in one school district, call 'em up and ask 'em how to get a sub packet.
    If you'd like to work in many regions, call a school in each area you'd like to sub and ask them what's the name and phone number of their "Regional Educational School District". R.E.S.D.s (some have slightly different names) take care of special ed, joint regional seminars, etc.
    Both The R.E.S.D.s and the School Districts will ask you for an unoffical copy of your 60+ college credit hours, a copy of your fingerprints on the correct form (go to a police station - they're used to the request), fill out the form you get, pay the money.
    Give 'em a week or two for the paperwork to move through the system. Then call, write, or better still, visit the sub-coordinator (and even a principal or two if THEY have the time - call ahead?) where you want to sub and then sit back and then be prepared to wait. Once you've established a good reputation, teachers will ask for you by name, but that takes time and your hard work. Best of Luck!

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