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    By Michaela

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    Last year I made my class passports for the times tables. We had timed tests for each table 1-12. The students could move at their own pace. Each time they "passed" I called them up to stamp their passports and they could move on to the next number. When their passports were complete they received a certificate, a round of applause from the class, and a keychain saying they had a license to multiply.

    The previous year we did licenses. I made a license for each student and laminated it. At the bottom were the numbers 1-12. As each student "passed" the timed test, we covered up the numbers with a star sticker until they had all 12 covered.

    We also had a challenge with the fifth graders in our school last year. We had 2 competitions with 3rd and 5th graders going head to head with multiplication flash cards. The kids loved it! The third graders wanted to beat the older kids and the fifth graders didn't want to be beaten by third graders, so they all tried really hard. After the competition, we had popsicles and extra recess with the fifth graders.

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