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    Social Studies...
    By BuzyBee

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    Sorry this is so long...

    When I first started teaching, Social Studies was my least favorite area, but it quickly became my favorite. Especially fourth grade... we get to talk about pioneers, Native Americans, government, and geography. Since you are already a language arts teacher, you'll do great! I use a lot of journaling, reading, and research writing for my students.

    What works for me is to ake a look at all of the objectives for the year and create a rough outline or pacing chart. I do this and it really helps to look and say "Okay, this is the unit on pioneers, next month will be the unit on Economics." I do it all by units. Some units are small, and some are large.

    I tried to create hands on lessons for the kids, like a realistic mock election when we talked about government, eating beef jerky and making butter when we talked about pioneers, bartering with each other for small trinket items to learn what people did before there was paper money. I get a lot of ideas from the internet for social studies units.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do now! Good luck!

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