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    By Kathryn W

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    I do snack at morning recess. I give it out first thing--if the kids want snack, they must sit on the bench, and may not get up and play until they are done eating. Most choose snack, but some go and play instead. Once I've handed it out, that's it--no coming up and asking me for snack 2 minutes before the bell rings. It usually only takes 5 minutes out of their 20 minute recess.

    Also--I do not have a snack calendar. I just ask parents for snack donations and try to keep them "wholesome" (if not healthy)--graham crackers, goldfish, etc. I open a box (or bag) and use them until they're gone and then open the next thing. When I'm running low, I just send out a message to parents in my newsletter, and I always get more. Usually once a week, I bring in some fresh fruit.

    Do you have to serve milk? Do all the teachers in your school do it? My kids have breakfast a little before 8 and lunch at noon. They can go four hours without milk. If they're thirsty, they can get a drink.

    Also--kids can always bring their own snack, although it can't be soda or candy.

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