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    lost pencils
    By maryellen

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    My children each have a "magic number". To get this number, I put them in abc order by first name, then number them. I use both name and number on their "mailbox", and their homefolder. You can put just the numbers on their pencils, either with a colored tape flag, a blank sticker, or by scraping a small spot of the paint off, and printing the number there. Some on my staff put the magic number on every crayon, felt marker and eraser. When its found on the ground, you know who to give it back to. I give out a new pencil at the end of every month, and collect their old one, with a reward for children who turn in the longest pencil. I keep those leftovers in a lending jar for children who can't find their pencil just before seatwork, and they give the pencil back when they find their own. I've also heard of teachers collecting those little short pencils from the golf course, and lending those....children find their pencil more quickly. Also - just a thought, maybe they each need a pencil box inside their desk - I make them from 1/2 milk carton, and everything fits and doesn't fall out. Hope this helps.

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