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    By Susan

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    I just found this on Here's what it has, but the format looks nicer on there:
    -have you spelled all of the words correctly?
    -have you used the dictionary? (read your writing backwards one word at a time when you check for spelling. Then you can't help but focus on each word and check it for spelling).
    -does each sentence end with an end punctuation mark?
    -have you placed commas before the conjunctions and, but, or in compound sentences?
    -are apostrophes in place to show possession or to mark contractions?
    -have you properly punctuated any conversation with quotation marks?
    -have you started sentences and conversation with a capital letter?
    -have you capitalized specific people, places, or things?
    -have you misused any of the commonly mixed homonyms such as there, their, they're, to, too, two, its, it's, our, are, your, you're?
    -do your subjects and verbs agree?
    -have you kept your verb tenses consistent?
    -have you used any sentence fragments or run-on sentences?

    Like I said, it looks better where I got it from, but there's the information if you want to make your own.

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