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    cheap supplies
    By maryellen

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    I've read of several teachers who post a list (maybe apples on a tree) where parents can pick what they could help you out with. I happen to think the school should supply paper tho! Use well rinsed milk cartons stacked and taped in rows of 6 for your mailboxes. Cut the top off each carton, but leave one triangle for posting the child's name, using a colorful paper label. Tickets are not expensive at a dollar store - the kind in rolls, but scrap paper from the recycle will do too, if they're just putting on their name. Parents who sew often have lots of buttons, you can find bags of them in craft stores, and I have had luck with a local church where they hold a regular thrift sale. If something doesn't sell in a certain time, they cut off the buttons and sell as rags....then they give me the buttons!! Framing businesses often have reams of left over cardstock in interesting colors and shapes they will give away or sell at a low price so it doesn't go to waste. If you can't find donated shelving as previously suggested, look in the closet organizer area of a Wal Mart - the shoe rack shelves are not too expensive and can be stacked two or three high. Hope this helps.

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