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    fish / pets
    By MLaird

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    Hi MM!

    I am a special educator, and have used pets in the classroom for quite a long time now. You are wise to start with fish... they are fairly inexpensive with little maintenance. First, I recommend buying a "self-contained" fish tank (available for $20 or so at WalMart or similar store) - the filter, pump, etc. are all included. Then, they have fish that look similar to goldfish but are a little bigger. They cost less than $5 each. A couple points to remember - hide the food - well-meaning students (or custodians) may overfeed the fish in your absence; keep the tank out of direct sunlight as much as possible - this will serve to inhibit algae growth.

    If you are looking for something SUPER simple, consider buying BETA fish. They are also available at pet stores and WalMart for less than $5. They can survive without a filter/air pump. Just note, they are agressive and need to be either alone, or with a DIFFERENT species fish that is bigger than they are.

    Also, when you feel you are ready for your rabbit, check out your local animal shelter. Ours would sometimes have smaller pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters) available for adoption. I adopted 2 guinea pigs and had wonderful luck with them in the classroom!

    good luck!

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