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    Money System
    By Donna

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    My 4th graders get paid every 2 weeks, just as I do. They get $1.00 of classroom money for each day of school, and $2.00 extra if they have a classroom job. I keep a spreadsheet of names on a clipboard on my desk every week. If they don't turn in an assignment, lose recess by breaking rules, etc. I put a mark on the clipboard. At the end of 2 weeks, I give them their money. I add up their marks in the clipboard for the two week pay period, and they OWE ME a dollar for every mark. Some kids keep all their money, some end up with just a few dollars. Then I sell little pieces of candy, suckers, pencils, stickers, and anything else I can buy cheaply. They can choose to save their money (I keep it stored away in an envelope for them). For $25 they can buy lunch with me and a friend. I buy them each a can of soda, and eat in the classroom with them. About 4 times a year we have auctions when they bring in things from home to sell. They get to keep all the money they make. It seems to work well, and the kids enjoy it. When former students come back, they always ask me if I still have "Mills Money"

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