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    Morning work
    By Lisa L

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    I have my kiddos do "morning work" right after announcements until I am done with my D.I. Groups. Morning work is basically various skills up on butcher paper for them to complete. At the beginning of the year, it is alot of step by step explanations and copying(for the first two weeks, then the majority actually catch on). They have Morning work notebooks, and we go over it when time allows(they get to go up with markers and fill in blanks, etc,) They love it and it is reinforcing skills. An example may look like...

    Today is Monday, August 15, 2003.
    My name is ____________.
    Finish the pattern. **^^**^^*
    Write the alphabet.(copy if need to)
    Fill in the missing #'s. 1,_,3,_,5,_,7,_,8,_,10
    Are you a boy or a girl?
    I am a _________.

    It varies in length and difficulty. Eventually the students will fill in the blanks for the date. There are some students that have much trouble copying from the board to their paper; so I copy it directly onto a piece of paper for them until they get the hang of it.
    Does this make any sense? I discuss it with them before they begin so that there will be no questions.(lol) That takes maybe two minutes. Hope this helps some.

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