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    By JJ

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    I have two types of kids in my class usually. There are the ones who do their homework consistently and have parents who encourage them to do well in school and are my partners in teaching their child. Then there are the students who never turn in homework, and who have parents who are struggling with two or more jobs, other kids, babies, etc. Therefore the homework I assign is above and beyond what I expect the kids to be learning in school. It is more of an enrichment kind of thing, because I know that not everybody's going to do it, and I don't want to worry that if Johnny doesn't do the homework, he's not going to learn what he needs to.

    Another option you have for kids who don't do homework is to have classroom volunteers help them with the homework at school.

    I would not assign unfinished work as homework. They have a chance every Friday to finish it during choice time. Once all of their work is finished they get to choose activities to do (organized free time).

    I send homework once a week and have the kids read every night. I give them a form to fill out for reading, but again, if some kids don't do this, I don't worry because I know that I'm helping them at school to learn as much as they can.


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