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    first grade
    By Cathy-Dee

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    It's hard to say exactly what is covered because curriculum is different depending on where you live.

    In general though at the beginning of the year through to Christmas grade one students will work on these areas.

    - letter recognition (many will have this down, but depending on where the school is, there can be a larger percentage of students who do not know their letters so how much time you spend on them is dependent on your students).

    - letter sounds

    - beginning sight words

    - beginning writing and proper letter formation

    - counting and recognizing numbers at least up to 20 to begin with

    - learning the number and colour words

    - printing numbers

    - beginning addition and subtraction

    - patterns

    My best advice is to not worry as much about what you will be teaching but to spend time reading up on classroom management ideas and general classroom procedures.

    If this is your first student teaching experience then most likely you will be assigned one or two areas to teach by the cooperating teacher. Thus until you know the topics and subject areas you don't want to spend too much time planning or working on things until you do know. And while it might seem strange not to plan far ahead, it is amazing how quickly your plans will come together once you do know what you will be teaching.

    Have fun and enjoy your student teaching

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