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    Monopoly Theme
    By BuzyBee

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    Check out the fabric section at Wal-Mart, too. They had Monopoly fabric when I was there that would be a great bulletin board background, giant cushy pillow for a reading corner, or reupholster the seat of an old chair.

    Behavior Board: "KEEP A WINNING ATTITUDE" or "WIN THE GAME WITH GOOD CHOICES!" Give each student a set of cards with five green houses on them, 4 houses, 3 houses, etc. for each infraction they lose one "property" Or you could copy and size up five actual properties from the board and store each student's cards in a pocket chart.

    Class Reward: Photocopy monopoly money for students.

    Reading Corner: Take a Ride on the Reading Railroad!

    Decorations: Paint some flower pots and use decoupage glue to attach Monopoly property cards (Scan and print out so you don't have to use the real ones)

    Put a big red arrow on your door that says "PASS GO: COLLECT KNOWLEDGE!"

    Ceiling: Cut posterboard into squares and put black dots to make dice. Dangle from the ceiling. Maybe you could find those fuzzy dice to.

    Travelling pet project: Print out that little Monopoly man and mail him all around the country.

    Wall Decorations: Print out scanned pics of the property cards enlarged a bit and put all over your walls (scattered). You could even change the names by gluing new names over the top like "REsponsibility Place" or "Caring Avenue"

    Hope this helps!

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