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    By Lori

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    Many of my second graders still read Clifford! When I did do first grade, we did a few things:

    1. Write about what it would be like to have a big red dog like Clifford.

    2. We made dog bones...well they were cookies we made in dog bone shape, one year we did no bake which were good.

    3. Wrote metaphors and similes. Clifford is as big as a ________________ Smart like a __________, etc.

    4. Wrote stories with the animals we chose __________ the Big _________________ _________
    Stella, the Big Blue Shelashington School. It was adorable. Then groups worked to illustrate it!

    9. I also wrote some Clifford word problems like Clifford ate 4 bones on Tuesday he ate 2 more on Wednesday how many did he eat in all? The children worked in pairs to illustrate the problems and write it in a # sentence.

    10. Make a a class list of things big like Clifford and things that are small. Or things you would like to be as big or would not like to be.

    I know I can't post sites but check out and PBS for some really cute ideas, printables and interactive stuff too. I have another cute site with ideas for specific books and cute poems, email me if you are interested. I hope this helped a little. Also if you want to get some cheap copies try Ebay I just got 15 Clifford books for $12 and they always have a ton of Clifford books. Lori

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