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    Have to disagree...
    By MelissaH

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    I am sorry that you took offence to my post, but where I am from Title I Reading and Math are staffed by people trained in reading and/or math. Usually a reading endorsement is required. My frustration is not so much aimed at you personally but, at the schools. I am not faulting you for wanting to have your own classroom, that is what we all want, but to see someone who is interviewing for a position that is technically not qualified for the position tends to frustrate and sometimes anger those of us that are trained for such jobs and can't seem to get anywhere. IE: When I was subbing 2nd year out of college I am on recess duty with the new Title I teacher(the position I interviewed for and got told I didn't have enought experience for) and she's telling me how she's so worried b/c she's never done Title I before and she only got hired b/c she did her student teaching there. And she got the job how???? I don't understand how districts can hire people who aren't trained or even familiar with something and turn down those who are. I understand they are more comfortable with someone they know but it seems to me that it then leaves those others out in the cold who could have done a great job but were never given the chance b/c of their lax hiring procedures.

    I truly meant nothing personal towards you. I understand your want and share in your desire to have your own classroom and chance at success.

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