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    By Jo

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    I use divide my class into teams--usually we just number off into four or five teams. (I try to keep them around 4 or 5 on a team.) Then I give a problem on the board or orally and they have to do it on their paper. I check the first four completed and if they have the right answer they go around and check the others. Then if a person got it right on the FIRST check, they get a point for their team. The team with the most points wins a prize.(We have economics money so they usually win $10). They may not talk to anyone while waiting to be checked. It is a simple way to review and the kids think it is big fun. Those that don't understand want to know what they are doing are wrong right away because they want their team to win.
    Another thing I do with chalkboards. I divide them into teams of 2. Each team can bid points on the problem they are about to do. For example, I say, "on this problem you may bid up to 100 points". They put the bid on the corner of the chalkboard and show it to a team close to them. Then I give the whole class the same problem. If they get it right, they add the points bet. If they get it wrong, they subtract. I keep a team total on the board. Sometimes I make them alternate a player. Sometimes they may do it as a team.
    These are super easy, but the kids seem to enjoy them.

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