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    class jobs
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I try to keep mine somewhat limited as it's easier than trying to explain and keep track of all the jobs and who has which job each day or week.

    I rotate my class jobs each day so usually each week most students have 1-2 turns doing a job. I find they do not get as bored this way and they also learn how to do the jobs more efficiently.

    I keep the system simple though.

    I look at my class numbers first and try to come up with as equal of groups as possible.

    I use a sentence strip chart for my display. I put the five or six jobs on one side and then on cards I have the students names. I divide them up into as equal of groups as possible.
    I sometimes have 3 groups, sometimes 4 groups.

    Each day I take one group of names and put them in order down the list of jobs. To change the names I simply remove the current group by starting with the second name first (this naturally rotates the names within each group) and then take the next group of names and put them up beside the jobs.

    Jobs I usually have

    Teacher's Helper/Messenger
    Classroom Materials Manager (someone who hands out materials)
    Lunch Helper (usually I have 2 students who do this - so whoever has the job can choose a friend)

    If I need to add another job or two I may use these ones.

    Classroom Maintenance - tidies the room
    Library Caretaker - tidies the book shelves
    Lights and Door

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