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    Mountain Math
    By Debbie

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    I have used Mountain Math for several years. In the beginning of the year, I spend at least three to four weeks on number 1 because there are so many skills. For example, on the Mountain Math board, #1 gives you a number such as 54. You have several questions about that number such as: a) is is odd or even?
    b) what is the closest ten?
    c) what is 1 more?
    d) what is 1 less?
    e) what is 10 more
    f) what is 10 less
    g) how many hundreds, tens, ones?
    h) write the number in expanded notation.
    Each day I use 5-10 minutes to do a mini-lesson on each skill and reteach from the day before. It's amazing how fast some of the children begin picking up these skills.

    After #1 has been introduced, I begin the rest of program. Most of the skills that our state requires our students to master in second grade are covered with Mountain Math. It is a wonderful tool to use in my opinion. It is challenging for your best math students and wonderful for your students who struggle a little more with math because of the repeated practice. For example, when we get to the chapter in our math book on counting money or telling time, my students have been working on the skill all year through Mountain Math.

    Once the children have been introduced to the program they come in each morning and do their Mountain Math assignment that is written on the chalkboard such as "Do numbers 4 and 5." I made an overhead transparency with the questions, and we check it on the overhead at the begining of math class.

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