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    fairy tales
    By Linda

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    This summer I did a unit on fairy tales for 5-6 graders and one of the stories we read was The 3 Little Pigs. I was skeptical but they really got into it. One thing I did was make a pig cut-out for each one. We then read the poem "This Little Piggy Went to Market" and for the last line, they had to substitute where their pig would go and then dress their pig for that place. I used old lace and material scraps, paper, markers, any art material I could find. They loved it! Pigs went to the beach in Hawaii, to a Lakers game, to a rodeo, to a ball in a tux, to a business lunch, you name it. They then traced their foot and cut it out. They then made a smaller foot to go inside (which you could do ahead of time) and wrote the poem on it, replacing the last line with their own place. We then hung them in the hall for the other classes to visit. There are some cute reader's theaters for younger students on the web and a lot are fairy tales. For Cinderella, we read "Bigfoot Cinderella" just for enjoyment - along with about 15 other Cinderella stories. We read African ones and made African food dishes, you could make African masks. We read an Eskimo story and you could make igloos from sugar cubes. We also constructed houses for the 3 little pigs - one group with popsicle sticks, one from toothpicks, one with sugar cubes, and one with Easter grass and then using a hair dryer we tried to blow them in like the wolf. The only other things they could use were paper clips, glue and straws to hold them together. They were also given a small piece of paper to use as a roof. Littler ones could just make houses from sugar cubes or sticks.

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