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    By karolinbess

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    I think it's a mistake NOT to use your basal. The district has adopted it for a reason, so don't feel guilty about using it to its fullest. There's all SORTS of good ideas that come from a GOOD adoption. That's the trick, though, isn't it? It really must be a GOOD adoption. Of course, you have to pick and choose, but for the most part, the writers of the textbooks know what they're talking about ...

    I agree the all the posters above that you should use extensions and expand on the basal. I think most teachers do this and it works well with the students. The word walls, the expanded vocabulary and the leveled quick readers that "go with" the story are all great additions to the weekly story. Having the students do other projects that stem off of the story that week is another great way to expand their learning.

    Students NEED reading practice at home and the basal provides that in a easy format and most of them usually put them in themes or units.

    Parents ALSO benefit from having their child's basal reader come home. In my class, I send a "Read-at-Home note" with the child every Monday after we've discussed the vocab., and listened to the story on tape as well as discussing the story. We read the story aloud on TUESDAY, and review, reviewf our test), the student gets an extra THREE Tickets for our weekly drawing. It's a great way to motivate kids to get their parents involved. (The kids whose parents are simply NOT involved are encouraged to have a grandparent, or older sibling listen to them read. Our district also provides nightly tutorials where they can go to get help with homework at different neighborhood locations. It really helps those kids that are basically "on their own" with school.)

    Just wanted to share that...sorry if it was too wordy..

    Have a great Monday!

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