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    Jobs Are a Must in 3rd!
    By Joy

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    My third graders must apply for classroom jobs by filling out a job application. Applications are available at the end of each month. Students who are offered jobs are invited to one or two worker's lunch sessions in the classroom as payment for their hard work.I like to provide them with a fun recess and/or a fun snack. They love this!

    The application includes a fill in the blank section: name, address, city, state, phone #, birthdate, etc.(This is a great review for 3rd graders---You'll be surprised how many still don't know this information).

    It also includes a short answer section:

    Which job are you applying for?

    Why do you want this job? What have you done in the past that will help you with this job? (qualifications)

    Name some references-

    My list of monthly jobs stays the same. I have all of the jobs listed on a poster with library card pockets. Each child has his/her own "time card". At the top of each card I made cute label with each child's name and a fun graphic. If they are hired I write the name of the job and the month. Then it is placed in the appropriate pocket. For example: Board Manager-1 (this tells me that this child was responsible for erasing the board and writing the date during the first month of school). At the end of the each marking period and at the end of the year, I have a record of how helpful a child has been in the classroom.

    If more than one child applies for a job, I look at the quality of the applications. I select the best ones for an interview. If a child doesn't receive a job, I give them a second chance to complete an new application. I also explain why they were not considered for the position they had applied for.

    This has worked out really well for me! I appreciate all of the help that my third graders can offer!

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