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    First Day Ideas
    By Pam L

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    Great topic!

    * I give a short "test" about me--- a ten point multiple choice test (what is the name of my husband, my favorite food, etc...) That lets us "practice" how to take a test in my room, and they practice checking their own work- something that we do a lot of during the year. We also review the the grading scale! Then, for their homework that night, they must write a "test" about themselves- 5 or more questions. Then the next day I take each test during class, read the questions aloud and give my answers. I usually read about 2-3 whenever we have a transition time- it might take me 2 days to get through each test. Students think this is great fun, and I actually learn a bit about my students. This also gives an opportunity to learn about how to bring homework back to school, and consequences if homework is not done. (Usually at least 1 person doesn't bring back their test!)

    * A second activity I do is called Math About Me. Students must do this at home also- another homework assignment, usually I do this one the 2nd or 3rd day. They take home a sheet made by me, explaining that they should think of as many numbers in their life as they can- at least 10. For example- "I weight 75 pounds", "There are 4 people in my family", "I was born at 3:57 am", and so on. The next day, they choose 5-8 items, and illustrate and lable the facts. I put these on a bulliten board titled "Math About Me". I have one about myself done also for display.

    * I take a picture of each student on the first day of school, and get double copies. One copy I save for the spring, and paste the picture on the bottem of a letter the children write to next year's 4th graders who will be coming to my room. I bind those letters in a book, and read them to the new class on the 1st days of school. I use the 2nd picture to make a bulliten board called "A Colorful Class". The children use patterns made by me, and make a "crayon" picture frame, using the photo I took---really looks cute!

    Hope these ideas are helpful! Looking forward to reading yours!

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