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    Hi Barbara-

    I'm so glad you're going to invest yourself in writing - it's so time consuming w/ our little ones but they need the experience! In my class I have 3 different kinds of publishing. The first is a project that I've predetermined and we work on from brainstorm to completion. The next is the kind of publishing that my students self select during their writing center using what they know. And last is w/ our journals - this is my favorite because everyone is personally invested in their subject matter.

    About 4 times a year I pull out journals and we all spend time reading them to ourselves and to each other. After everyone has picked a favorite piece - expository or narrative, doesn't matter - then we spend time looking at different books noticing placement of titles and author names, how end pages often match content, what is included on title pages, what is on an author page, and how the back of books often include a short summary.

    The first time we "publish" I just look for what they choose to include and make sure they have used best handwriting and pictures that match. The only "have to" is a cover w/ a title that matches but I encourage them to add as much as they want. It's always interesting to note who includes what and gives me info to include in mini lessons and in discussion.

    As we publish later in the year, I will require more and more parts be added. The last publishing workshop (for journals) is when their books must include everything: cover w/ title,author,and matching picture, end pages w/ a design related to story, title page w/ picture, publisher, and copyright, text in best handwriting w/ pictures that match, an About the Author page, and a short summary of story for the back. It's a lot of work! For slow and/or uninspired writers we just pick a short piece. Students often work on these at center time besides writer's workshop time. When we're all done we throw a Book Fair - we invite families to come browse our books and hear a few read aloud. We also read our books to another first grade and to our big buddies. I think it is totally worth the effort! Let me know if you want more ideas!


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