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    By guggy

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    IT is GREAT! I went to the homeworkopoly site then made my own board out of posterboard. I don't know how many ideas that follow are on there but this is how I did it and the kids absolutely loved it! So did other teachers too! the kids felt special because no other class used it in their room. I used various clipart pictures (with each child's name typed on) from the computer. I tried to make each spot on the board relate to the curriculum in some manner. For example one space was called Sentence Street. When a student landed there they needed to answer a question about sentences. Or Times Square was another spot. I started asking questions related to the clock but by the end of the year I used multiplication problems. Nothing really happened if they got the answer wrong, it was just a challenge and a teachable moment.Definately use the Brain Binder spots. They were favorites in my room. I usually gave out a wordsearch or puzzle type paper to the student landing there or after we talked about some parts of speech we filled in madlibs as a class when someone landed on that spot. I didn't do those during the game. In spare minutes later in the next week we did those. Then I put the madlibs in a book for the class library--they loved it! I kept track each week of what students earned like prizes and such. I tried to redeem them on Monday of the next week. I had a mystery prize spot and Community Chest and chance spots too. For the chance and community chest I made up things like eat with a friend and the teacher in the classroom, have peanut butter on bread for snack, a juice box for snack, a phone call home about what a great student you are, stay in at recess with the teacher(believe it or not they loved this one)-sometimes I played a game with them if I had time or they just drew on the board etc. There was a painting place and Drawing Drive where they could stay in and paint or draw at recess. I tried to let those type of rewards pile up so I could have lots of kids in at one time. That way i wasn't constantly losing my recess time either. I know this is long...I have more information. Please email me if you want more details. It worked really well for me last year.

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