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    Getting a job......
    By Susan/5th

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    I've said this to people before, and I was told it before I got my first job...... you have to show up at the places. I was told the same thing you were over the phone. That's not good enough. Do this:
    1. Have your resume in a folder with you, along with your college transcript (if it's especially good!)and any references.
    2. Go to the schools you're interested in and just tell them you're interested in the school and would like to speak to the principal. They're going to tell you to leave your resume. Tell them no thank you, you'd like to speak with him/her personally about their school first. No kidding! It'll get you to the principal!
    3. Talk to the principal about the school. Tell her you're a new teacher and that you heard good things about the school and wanted to check it out for yourself. Ask for a tour (if the principal has time) and ask what they look for in a teacher. Basically YOU'RE interviewing the school!! It shows your interest and how serious you take your job.
    4. When you're done flattering them(never say anything negative!), ask if you can show them your resume to see if you would be someone that is well suited for their school. Tell them you can see where you could add to their school (think of ways ahead of time - what your strengths are, that you like working as a team, etc...).
    5. NOW.....ask if there's a possibility of a job opening this coming year. Ask if she/he will be giving any formal interviews and let them know you're interested.
    6. Thank them for their time and praise them on a job well done on THEIR school (they like ownership).
    7. Write a thank you note and mail it the next day. It will be an added reminder to them.

    They won't forget you!! I did that with all 3 of my jobs and I got all 3 of them. Because I'm a fabulous teacher? No, they didn't know how I taught. Because I was visible - and interested! They want someone they know will be around a while and is teaching because they want ownership in the school and children - not because they can't find anything else and it's the last school left. Does that make sense?

    I thought it was great advice, so I wanted to pass it on!!!!!

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