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    Point System
    By Kimberly

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    I use a yard stick ruler. I divided it into 5 sections. I painted each section as indicated in my previous post. I use clothespins and write each child's name on a pin. I put boys on one side of the stick and girls on the other. Every day they start on green. Blue is a warning. Yellow is to miss 5 minutes of recess, Orange is 10 minutes, red is all of recess, black is principal or go to another room for the remainder of the day. That was my old consequences. I use the point system mentioned previously now since we cannot take recess away anymore. You can make the consequences of each color whatever you want.

    If a child misbehaves, doesn't return homework, breaks a rule, they move their clip to the next color.

    The stick goes everywhere we go. My student of the day is responsible for making sure it gets where we are going. If we go to music, the music teacher may move clips. Same for PE, lunch, computer, and library.

    I hope this is what you were asking. E-mail me if you need more explanation.

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